Reading Quiz-Simple Present

Reading Quiz-Simple Present


Read the text and mark the statements T (true), F (false)

Peter is a young boy from Scotland. He lives with his family in a small house in a village by a lake. Behind the village, there is a large forest. Peter’s father is a farmer and his mother is a nurse at the hospital in the city.


Peter is a student at the school in the village. He has got a lot of friends. At weekends, there aren’t any lessons, so they can go swimming in the lake or into the forest. Peter is twelve years old, so he can go into the forest alone, but his sister, Mary can’t, because she is only three.


It is winter now, and there is ice on the lake, because it is very cold. Peter and his friends can’t go swimming, but they aren’t unhappy because now they can go skating.


_______ 1- There is a lake near Peter’s house.

_______ 2- Peter and his friends can’t swim in the lake now.

_______ 3- Peter’s sister can go into the forest alone.

_______ 4- peter is unhappy now, because it is winter.

______   5- Mary is Peter’s sister.

Answer the questions according to the passage


1)Who is Peter ?


2)Where does Peter live ?


3)What is his mother’s job ?


4)Does Peter have any friends ?


5)What does Peter do at the weekends ?

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